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man's head from behind using hairegen device and a man looking on
man's head from behind using hairegen device and a man looking on
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Patented 4-in-1 innovation

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    Pinpoint Stimulation: HaiRegen administers electrical micro-currents to thousands of points, stimulating the scalp and revitalizing the hair follicles.

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    Natural Mineral Application By rolling its specialized metallic plates directly onto the scalp, HaiRegen gently introduces trace amounts of zinc and copper right where you need them most.

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    Vibra-pulse technology: HaiRegen’s toothed discs apply thousands of pressure points via their protrusions. This action is enhanced by vibration to further promote scalp health and hair regrowth.

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    Optical (LLLT)

    Laser Therapy: As the rotating discs on the device separate and part the hair, HaiRegen emits a low-level light energy at close range directly onto the scalp, to accelerate the rate of growth.

Clinically-proven technologies




Stop hair loss
Failure rate****
Side effects***
Safe for woman
Full results in

* Between 10% - 80% of transplanted follicles will be rejected
** Transplant side effects are local and include crust, bleeding, infection and loss of feeling / certain products cause increase in heart rate and potential for heat attack / certain products may cause decrease in sexual function and increase in risk of cancer.
*** certain products are no approved for use in women / certain products are not approved at lower doses for women and not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Over 15,000 success stories

Over 15,000 success stories

HaiRegen’s technology is 92%
effective for both men and women